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Adam Boardman: Sun Prairie, WI

About Me: I am interested in a wide range of endurance events. I have completed Ironman Wisconsin four times, a handful of marathons including Boston, and a wide range of adventure races including a number of 24-hour events. I enjoy time outdoors and anything with my wife and children.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Salmon and plain pastaFavorite Race: Blackhawk Ridge Trail RunFavorite Training Run: Long off road run

Aimee Kurian: Madison, WI

About me: I LOVE to run. I used to run only for the workout, but now I run to be with friends and family, to share my lifestyle with our daughter, to maintain my sanity as a busy mom, to enjoy nature, to compete and push myself. I have run quite a few marathons and a couple of ultra-marathons and really enjoy long-distances. I am training for my fisrt Ironman race and am enjoying that but can't wait to get back to mainly running again.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Thai or pizzaFavorite Race: Xterra Scramble 10KFavorite Training Run: Anything that involves running with my husband

AJ Thew: Sturgeon Bay, WI

About me: I recently graduated from Ripon College with a B.A. in Biology along with a Psychology minor. Ripon College is where I also ran track and cross country for four years. In track I ran events from the 800 to the 5000. After just finishing my college career, I would love to keep running at a high level and continue my success.Current Shoe: Asics Kayano and Mizuno InspireFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Subway and Gatorade (lemon-lime)Favorite Race: Roy Griak InvitationalFavorite Training Run: Progression Miles (starting out slower and picking up each mile)

Alexander Heitman: De Forest, WI

About Me: I have been running at the competitive level going on ten years now. I really enjoy taking long trips to warm locations to compete in running and biking events. I have recently began to cross train much more and this has helped me get through the last couple of terrible snowy winters.Current Shoe: Nike Vomero 3Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Wheat English muffinFavorite Race: Texas MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long tempo marathon training runs

Allison Haas: Madison, WI

About Me:Current Shoe: Asics GEL-Cumulus 10Favorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: 10k, 15kFavorite Training Run: Long run or tempo

Alice Gauvin: Madison, WI

About me: I Just moved to Madison last week and am looking for a running group in the area. I'm starting medical school at UW this year, getting married in November, and hoping to run an October marathon!Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race: Great Lakes Relay in MichiganFavorite Training Run:


Alysha Rickard: Madison, WI

About me: I am a 25 year old mother. I started running last January for the first time. I have run a 5K, Half Marathon and two Warrior Dash races. Last summer I injured my IT band and was out of commission til about a month ago. I am getting back into running and would like to run another Half in June.

Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: fried egg on one piece of toast with a little butterFavorite Race: TBDFavorite Training Run: Early morning runs

Amanda Copeland: Madison, WI

About me: I've been running for years, but I'm looking to start training for longer distances. I've run 5k's (most recently run to the rhythm on the 4th) and am hoping to move up to 10k's.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Yogurt and granolaFavorite Race: Favorite Training Run:

Amy Bliss: Cottage Grove, WI

About me: I ran my first 10K about 10 years ago. I am slow, but I love it. I did a sprint triathlon about 3 years ago. My problems are that I always seem to get aches and pains that stop my training for up to three months at a time. Even after the pains go away, I lose motivation in between events. I need support to keep me going because running seems to be the only exercise that keeps me in shape and gets me back in shape when I take a break. I'm looking for support and encouragement to keep going.Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: YogurtFavorite Race: Madison Marathon 10KFavorite Training Run: ?

Andrew Rose: Sun Prairie, WI

About Me: Current Shoe: Zoot Ultra, Saucony Tangent 2, and Mizuno Wave Rider 10Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta, salad, and a beerFavorite Race: Ironman Florida Panama City Beach, FLFavorite Training Run: I like the 20 mile long run. I always can tell if I am conditioned for a race after this run.

Andrew Vos: Fort Atkinson, WI

About me: I started running when I was 13 and have not stopped. After high school I started running collegiately at Iowa State University and ended my college running at UW-Oshkosh. Was part of a 2-time national champion team back in 2009 (Indoor and outdoor). I run because it lets me know I'm alive through pain and accomplishments. You can usually find me out running any day that ends in "Y". If you're ever going through Fort Atkinson and want to run-give me a shout!Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Toast with peanut butter, banana and yogurt.Favorite Race:All of them.Favorite Training Run:Long tempo run on a sunny warm day!

Anthony Phillips: Fond du Lac, WI

About me: I weighed 326 on 1/1/08 i was motivated to get in shape when i found out my wife was pregnant. So i got off the couch and set a goal. The goal was to break 200 lbs and run the 20 miler sytennde mai run in 2009. Well i lost the weight im down to 168 and i ran that race and got hooked on the sport my first race i finished so badly that i decided to acctually train for running and now im in the top ten for 5 k and look to run my first crazy legs classic and my first marathon this month with Kenosha"s wisconsin marathon. I will also appear in the madison marathon and lakefront marathon this year. My goal is to catch up with olympic hopeful Bryan Huberty in speed by some time in 2011.Current Shoe: Asics 2140Favorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race: So far Madison mini marathon was my favoriteFavorite Training Run: Tempo and speed track workouts

Antonio Faciola: Madison, WI

About me: I'm from Brazil and came to Madison to pursue my PhD in Dairy Science. Exercising is my way to keep my sanity. Through sports, I had the chance to meet awesome friends and visiting great places. Training and racing gives me the amazing sensation of personal achievement and the indescribable feeling that anything is possible when you are driven and passionate about it. Besides sports, I enjoy dancing, cooking, movies, and eating lots of chocolate ice-cream!Current Shoe: Asics and BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta the night before, oatmeal in the morning, and ice-cream afterwards!Favorite Race: Olympic distance triathlonsFavorite Training Run: I like time and distance intervals especially if I’m feeling sluggish. I also enjoy running with friends just for fun.

Anuj C. Desai: Madison, WI

About me: I am planning for my first marathon this October (2008) and have been inspired by all the marathoners Berkeley has introduced me to.Current Shoe: I've worn all sorts (usually whatever's on sale), though currently I'm wearing Nike.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Never raced - would love suggestionsFavorite Race:Favorite Training Run: Long run, especially when I start slow enough to feel good enough to speed up for the last few miles.

April Grimsled: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: I love running and get grumpy when I miss a few days. I run solo out in Sun Prairie. I enjoy winter but miss my 4:30 am runs before work. My goal in 2013 is to run a sub- 1:43:00 Half and a 3:50:00 Marathon. I couldn't live I hope to coach XC in the future.Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Blueberry oatmealFavorite Race:Rails to Trails MarathonFavorite Training Run:Long run! Dread speed workouts!

Ashley Mullen: Belleville, WI

About me: I am just beginning my journey as a runner, but am very ambitious. I am signed up for 4 running events this summer, leading me to my ultimate goal, the 50K North Face Endurance Challenge. I started running last summer on trails and loved it. I am passionate about sports and being active and currently coach competitive all-star cheerleading in my spare time.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race:Favorite Training Run:

Ashley Van Vleet: Madison, WI

About me: Ive been running competitively since my early teens and now training for several half marathons, half ironman and ironman wisconsin! I am always looking for new ways to push myself and try to new races, different distances and different places.Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Banana and peanut butter bread or oatmeal.Favorite Race:Madison Mini MarathonFavorite Training Run:Easier, mid-long distance run



Barrett Kilmer: Madison, WI

About me: I ran cross country in high school, then started again in my early 40s. I love to run for the physical and mental benefits, and I'm at a stage where new PRs are always within reach! Running Twin Cities and New York Marathons this fall (2013). I love encouraging people to give running a chance!Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Clif Bar in the morning.Favorite Race: Detroit Marathon Favorite Training Run: Running around Wingra.

Berta Hansen: Stoughton, WI

About me: I have always wanted to run but don't have the stamina. I beat cancer a couple of years ago and want to do this fo myself. I lost my Mother in September. I have this great goal to achieve, totally for myself, to prove myself.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: VeggiesFavorite Race: A short oneFavorite Training Run: Probably longer, but not fast.

Bill Bender: Blue Mounds, WI

About me: I'll be running Boston for the first time in 2009. I also qualified in 2008, but pulled my hamstring about a month before the race. I'm also signed up for the Ironman - guess I'll need to add some biking and swimming to my routine!Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: BagelFavorite Race: Madison half marathonFavorite Training Run: My favorite long run is doing several loops through the arboretum.

Bill Gilmore: Janesville, WI

About me: I will be doing my 3rd IM triathlon on Aug. 29 in Louisville.Current Shoe: Asics, New Balance, Nike, BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Margarita pizzaFavorite Race: 5K road or super sprint triathlon or sprint duathlon or trail runFavorite Training Run: Tempo run

Blake Becker: Madison, WI

About me: I am a professional triathlete and coach who is passionate about what I do. I enjoy introducing and helping others establish a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy eating out, traveling, anything in the outdoors, good beer and of course lots of coffee.Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal, PB and fruitFavorite Race: Ironman WisconsinFavorite Training Run: Track sessions and very long sessions

Brandon Lingle: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: Hello im a 28 yr m/w married with two kids. I love running and would like a running partner run long runs with. I finished my first two marathons this yr. Madison and the WI Dells and ran lots of smaller races too.Current Shoe: K-SwissFavorite Pre-Race Meal: BreadFavorite Race: Fox Cities MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Brenna BaylissStoughton, WI

About me: Until recently I was content with having marathons be my main running goal. But recently I decided I'd like to venture into the world of ultrarunning. My next big goal though, is to qualify for the Boston (as is a lot of other runners I know).Current Shoe: Mizuno Favorite Pre-Race Meal: banana with peanut butter, toast or bagelFavorite Race: Rockin K Ultramarathon- KansasFavorite Training Run: long run

Brock Polnaszek: Madison, WI

About me: I will be a medical student here at the UW this fall and am trying to balance running and school. I have been an avid runner for some time now competing in 4 marathons and over 12 half marathons. At Chicago 2012, I was just one minute shy of qualifying for the Boston Marathon so my upcoming goals include qualifying for the Boston Marathon in November of 2013 as well as competing in the 2014 Ironman Racine 70.3.Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: SpaghettiFavorite Race: Dances with Dirt Baraboo Trail MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long run with tempo runs built in!

Brooke Wilken: Madison, WI

About me: I want to start training for Madison Marathon in 2010. I've run one other marathon before. My pace is 8.5min/mi. I've been running since HS.Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Big SurFavorite Training Run: Long run

Bryan Gapinski: Watertown, WI

About me: After watching my brother and sister in law running in the Chicago marathon for the last 4 years, I decided to start running and taking better care of myself. Now I am 85 lbs less and running regularly. My goals for 2008 are to continue running outside during the winter. My goals for 2009 are to run the Chicago half and full marathon.Current Shoe: Asics Gel 10Favorite Pre-Race Meal: PizzaFavorite Race: So far, Crazy Legs and Berbee DerbyFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Bryan SchneiderMadison, WI

About me: I am currently a graduate student here at UW-Madison in library and information science. Running is a large part of my life. I just finished running in college and am entering a new stage in my running life...marathons. I've always been more of a long distance runner, mostly running the 10,000 in college, but now I'm just going to focus on running as fast as I can in the marathon. I just recently finished 2nd at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. My goal is to finish in the top 100 at the Boston Marathon this coming April. I aspire to someday run sub-2:30 in the marathon.Current Shoe: Adidas Supernova, Nike MarathonerFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Subway and Lemon-Lime GatoradeFavorite Race: Augustana InvitationalFavorite Training Run: 2 hour Sunday runs

Bryson MortensonJanesville, WI

About me: So, I started running in August of 2014. I tried several other times, but usually got terribly sick right after I started and so never quite caught the bug. I made a goal this last New Year's to run a 5K by the end of the year. I'm going to run the 5 mile Turkey Trot in November 2014! I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to doing more!Current Shoe: ReebokFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Little bit of GU (I run at 5 am)Favorite Race: I think I'm gonna' really like marathons...Favorite Training Run: Intervals, absolutely.

Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen: Madison, WI

About me: I'm an avid runner who just signed up for her first marathon (Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee in October) and am relatively new to the Madison area. I recently relocated to Madison to San Francisco, where I learned to love/tolerate running on a hilly terrain. I've completed three half marathons, and am looking forward to my first marathon. I like running alone, but miss the motivation that group (or partner) runs provide. Some of my favorite places to run around Madison are from downtown to Picnic Point (and the surrounding trails); around Monona Bay; and through some of the quieter neighborhoods. Current Shoe: Brooks RavennaFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: U.S. Half Marathon, San FranciscoFavorite Training Run: long run


Cecilia RobatMadison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: Nike Air MaxFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Granola, fruit, yogurtFavorite Race: Hmmm...not done that many. Really enjoyed Crazylegs!Favorite Training Run: I'm not sure HOW to train optimally....Itend just to go out, run behind the Vet Scholle (Shorewood, Eagle Heights area), or along the Lake Monona path. I usually run 5-8k at a slow to moderate pace...


Charles SchmockWaunakee, WI

About me:I am just starting out my running career. I am in 8th grade and I want to start training for intermediate to long distance running. I am starting track in two weeks.Current Shoe: Reebok ReezigFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:


Charlotte Piskun: Madison, WI

About me: Just getting started.Using the C25K program. I've been a big walker, and wanted to step up to something new (pardon the pun). I'd like to work up to a 5K, but I'm not putting a deadline on that just yet.

Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:So far: intervals.

Cheryl Gandolph: Verona, WI

About me: Triathlete working to improve running pace and distance through year round group runs.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Brown rice with soy beans and chicken breast chunksFavorite Race:Favorite Training Run:

Chris Burton: Neenah, WI

About me: I am a NASM certified personal trainer with Anytime Fitness in the Fox Valley area, and have competed in sprint triathlons, duathlons, several 5k's, and completed 3 half marathons. My goals are simple to find enjoyment in running everyday, and to eventually finish in the top 10 in my age group for select races. My season is over for now; however, it will get going again in the spring for my upcoming race schedule. Other than that I just want to help people reach their goals and be happy with whatever they accomplish in life.Current Shoe: Adidas Super Nova CushionFavorite Pre-Race Meal: LasagnaFavorite Race: Eagle River Half MarathonFavorite Training Run: I love losing myself in a long easy run.

Chris SchiemannMadison, WI

About me: I am currently a graduate student at Edgewood College and working on my M.A. in Education. I am also a Graduate Assistant to the track and cross country coach at Edgewood. I moved to Madison in January from Michigan where I spent the prior year and a half teaching Social Studies in a middle school. I'm a graduate of Central Michigan University where I ran cross country and track for the Chippewas and I continue my love for running every day. I ran the 2006 and 2007 Detroit Freepress Marathons, as well as the 2007 Boston Marathon, and I'm seeking to continue my improvement. I also have a passion for coaching. I coached middle school track and varsity cross country while teaching in Michigan, and I enjoy working with high school runners each summer at the Paavo Running Camps, and I'm now coaching at Edgewood College.Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Spaghetti with meat sauce and a beerFavorite Race: Boston MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long Run

Christy RenzFort Atkinson, WI

About me: I have been running for 7 years. At first I ran to lose weight and get into shape. Now I run for the pure enjoyment of running, the adrenaline rush of a race and the overall healing running can do for your body. My goal is to do a few Tri's this summer and hopefully do the Iron Man in 2012. Wish me luck!!Current Shoe: Nike LunarFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta & Wheat RollFavorite Race: Berby DerbeeFavorite Training Run: 2 Hour run on Sundays.

Claire Geiger: Madison, WI

About me: I’ve always enjoyed running but it wasn’t until last year when I really started getting into longer runs and incorporating speedwork, hills, and intervals into my running that I realized how versatile it could really be. I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin last year after spending four years as a coxswain on the UW crew team. I needed something to fill that void of practice time. I picked up with training after breaking my arm and being very out of shape. I took a long trip to New Zealand and ran almost every day there and then came back and got more serious about my Ironman training. Ironman was my first marathon. I came off the bike in 4th and ended up running to a 1st place finish in the marathon to qualify for Kona. It was an amazing race and an awesome day overall. The crowd support was fantastic and running through campus made it for an unforgettable experience. The run is where it happens. You have to be both physically and mentally tough. And I love that.Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: SmoothieFavorite Race: Ironman WisconsinFavorite Training Run: Long run

Claire Maduza: Madison, WI

About me: I am a student at UW Madison, studying to be a PE teacher. I am starting to train for my first marathon and would enjoy running with others in the area:)Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Powerbars and COFFEEFavorite Race: Anything that involves enduranceFavorite Training Run: Long run

Crystal Nipp: Cottage Grove, WI

About me: I started running in January 2007 so that I could do the Lake Mills Triathlon in June 2007. I started with running one lap on a 1/10th mile track. It nearly killed me, but I stuck with it. I started swimming at the same time (not on the track mind you). I nearly drowned in the triathlon and was so exhausted by the time I got off the bike that running wasn't really an option. Since then I have made a lot of progress! My friends generally think I am crazy and they could be right. But I won't be drowning any time soon and my summer/fall 2009 is filled with 3 more Aquathons and 3 half-marathons. I am lucky enough to be off on Monday's so I get to do the group run with David on Monday afternoons. Of course I would like to run faster! Who wouldn't!! But for me it is mostly about finishing an event and feeling good about getting better. I also like that in a race I can make a charitable contribution and have a great time. I like local events that benefit local causes.Current Shoe: Mizuno (at home), Saucony (at work)Favorite Pre-Race Meal: PB on a whole wheat bagel with a banana chaserFavorite Race: Haven't done enough to know!Favorite Training Run: 60 min. tempo

Colleen Basney Norria: Blue Mounds, WI

About me:Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Banana and coffeeFavorite Race: Twin Cities MarathonFavorite Training Run: 4-6 mile runs

Colleen McQuade: Nakoma

About Me: Having just moved to Madison from Mt. Horeb, I find myself in need of some steady running partners. Looking for anyone who likes to run 40-60 minutes at around a 9 minute mile pace. Trails, road, bike paths, etc. I'm a teacher in Spring Green so during the week, I need to run around 5:30 or 5:45a.m. or after 5:00p.m.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: Blue Mounds Trail RunFavorite Training Run: Long run


Dale Knapp: Stoughton, WI

About me: I've been a runner for nearly 40 years, running races from the mile to the Marathon. I ran competitively in high school and at UW-Whitewater. The Boston and Chicago marathons are among the six marathons I have run. About two years ago I began barefoot/minimalist running and have not turned back. I am now setting my sights on running a 50-mile ultramaration this spring.Current Shoe: I use several running shoes, from Vibrams to Merrel to my new Altra SuperiorsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race:Syttende Mai in StoughtonFavorite Training Run: I love my long runs, but I also like a tough set of intervals.

Dana Bartholomew: Madison, WI

About me: Current Shoe: Mizuno, ZootFavorite Pre-Race Meal: CoffeeFavorite Race:Favorite Training Run:

Dana Jaster: DeForest, WI

About Me: I've been a distance runner for about 15 years. Before that I ran track and field competing in sprints and jumps. I use running now as a way to control my weight because I love to eat and I have no intentions of changing that. I ran, or I should say finished because I was not running much by the end, my first and only marathon last year in Madison. I'm now focusing my running on the shorter 5k and 10k races with the goal of running a sub 20:00 5k in the next couple of years. My PR is 20:02 at the Cheese Days run about ten years ago in Monroe.Current Shoe: Pearl Izumi - StreakFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: WaunafestFavorite Training Run: I love the track

Dani Fischer: Madison, WI

About me: I enjoy running for the competitive atmosphere it creates. I used to play soccer for the Badgers, then decided to switch to cross country and track for Wisconsin. I ran at the 2011 NCAA Cross Country National Championships as well as the 2012 NCAA West Regional Track and Field Championships in the 3000-meter steeplechase. I have won 4 half marathons and plan on doing a full marathon soon! Career aspirations include running the Boston Marathon and completing a half Ironman someday. I just love competiting!Current Shoe: Adidas TemposFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta and shrimpFavorite Race:Summerfest Rock n Sole Half Marathon in MilwaukeeFavorite Training Run: Mile Intervals

Danielle Knutson: Madison, WI

About me: Ex-runner returning after long (5yr) break. I've run half and marathons in the past but I think those days are done. My body is only interested in shorter runs at this point. I'd like to participate in some events this year and running seems to be a necessary component.Current Shoe: PumaFavorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: Despite the overcrowding Crazylegs has a special place in my heart.Favorite Training Run: Long run

David Meixelsperger

About me: I have enjoyed running and/or walking with family and friends during my day. Often I have promoted that success comes within the journey to obtain one's goal(s) than the actual event. One of my proudest achievements was finishing my first ever marathon. I feel fortunate to have met so many wonderful people during my training opportunities.Current Shoe: I enjoy many different models.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Madison MarathonFavorite Training Run: I have always enjoyed running through the arb and around our lakes.

David Wiek: Madison, WI

About me: I've been a regular runner for about 6 years now. For me running is a great way to stay balanced, motivated and optimistic. Like many people, I'd love to qualify for Boston one day. Ideally before I fall off the tail end of the first age group (18-34), but the clock's ticking!Current Shoe: Asics Gel CumulusFavorite Pre-Race Meal: I eat a bowl of cereal and a banana an hour or more before the race.Favorite Race: Believe it or not, I'm not sure that I've ever run the same race twice! The inaugural Madison Mini Marathon was really fun and extremely well organized. The results were up by the time I got home!Favorite Training Run: I always feel the best after a good long tempo run.

Dawn Berney: Madison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race: Lake Monona 20KFavorite Training Run:

Dean Hitchcock: Madison, WI

About me: Triathlete, Runner. Moved to Madison in May 2008 and am loving the area for working out. Did the Ironman Lake Placid race in July and am now looking forward to shorter racing distances here. Would like to meet area triathletes and runners with same interest.Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Spaghetti, pastaFavorite Race: Sprint triathlonsFavorite Training Run: Speed workouts when in good shape

Dee Hughes: Madison, WI

About Me: I used to be an dedicated recreational runner, but haven't really run for a year. I want to get back in running shape and eventually get into sprint tris (inspired by my 53-yr-old sister!).Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: The Vilas Zoo RunFavorite Training Run: Hmm…Haven’t done that in a while!

Denny Conway: Sun Prairie, WI

About Me: Taking up running again earlier this year after a few years off. Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Yogurt and granolaFavorite Race: Favorite Training Run: 6 miles 8 min/mile

Derek BarrMadison, WI

About me: Hello all! I'm new to Madison and will be teaching at UW in the business school. I've been running for a few years and plan to run a half-marathon in all 50 states. I just started this year and have signed up for the Chicago Half (July 20) and Madison Minimarathon (August) to finish states three and four. I'm excited to find another running group (I miss my group from home in Tennessee). While doing my halfs, I do plan to do a few marathons. A running group will definitely help in the latter goal. Current Shoe: Brooks Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Cliff Bars and Oatmeal Favorite Race: So far...Mississippi Blues Half Favorite Training Run: I like long runs with rolling hills. It helps me detox my brain from the long stressful week.

Diane Ramthun: Middleton, WI

About Me: I enjoy running for relaxation and recreation. I would like to do more runs with groups for the comaraderie and motivation. Esp. tempo and long runds. Am planning to do the Madison Half-marathon, as well 2 half-ironman (70.3) distance triathlons this summer.Current Shoe: Can't remember, but it is turquiose colored, sort-of.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: CoffeeFavorite Race: Berkely Black Tie Run, Pigman tri in IowaFavorite Training Run: Long run, Pheasant Branch or Shorewood hills


Dipesh Naysaria: Madison, WI

About me: Looking to get back into running after several years off (been cycling much more in that time.) Used to run a few marathons, but sidelined with ITB and then chronic compartment syndrome.

Current Shoe: Asics GT-series, trying VFFs now.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:


Doug Paull: Cottage Grove, WI

About me: I was a late starter, taking up running in my late thirties just so I could run the 2003 Crazylegs, mainly for the party afterwards. I instantly became addicted to it and last May I finally qualified for my first Boston marathon at Green Bay (my ninth marathon). I made the accepted time cut-off by just 14 seconds, finishing in 3:28:30. I don't train with anyone, but love to talk about all things running-related. I'm currently training for Boston, and will be running New York in November.

Current Shoe: Adidas AdiosFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta the night before, bagel with PB the morning of.Favorite Race: CrazylegsFavorite Training Run:Intervals


Elena Villa: Shorewood Hills, WI

About Me:Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: GatoradeFavorite Race:Favorite Training Run: I like tempo runs the best, but I think intervals are important despite the fact they are really hard for me.

Elizabeth Ruiz: Mount Horeb, WI

About me: Started running distance as a kid, ran track in high school. Then in the early 80's got the triathlon bug. I'm a 'comeback' runner, having retired from a long career racing bikes yet needing a way to get endorphins. Discovered Berkeley via coaching high school track and field, and crazy legs. I run in the old lady division in 5k/8k/10k road races, and particularly enjoy trail running/racing.Current Shoe: Asics 2140Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Granola, blueberriesFavorite Race: Blackhawk Ridge Trail RunFavorite Training Run: Trails

Elyse SmithbackOregon, WI

About me: To be determinedCurrent Shoe: Asics Favorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Berkeley Black Tie 5KFavorite Training Run: 3 miles with Winston (my dog!)

Emilee Scott: Verona, WI

About me: I really enjoy running outside in the warmer weather. My goals are to train to become a better distance runner. I am training to run the Madison half marathon and woul like to run the Chicago marathon this year.Current Shoe: Asics Gel IGSFavorite Pre-Race Meal: power barFavorite Race: I really enjoyed the cow chip classic 10kFavorite Training Run: long run

Emma Schiestl: Middleton, WI

About me:I'm 21 and have been running on my own since middle school. I ran the 2014 Madison half marathon and consistently run about 70 miles a week. I'd like to try and switch up my training to add intervals and cross training. I'd also like to finish a marathon in 2015.Current Shoe: Currently Brooks; before it was SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: I don't have a favorite but I usually avoid broccoli...Favorite Race: Madison Half MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long run

Eric Geniesse: Madison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: Mizuno Wave Inspire 5Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta, lots of itFavorite Race: Fox Cities MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long runs through the Arb

Eric Smithback: Oregon, WI

About me: Being a runner for the past 10 years or better, I've always enjoyed running. Only recently have I truly become addicted. I really enjoy challenging myself with longer distances. Currently the marathon is my favorite, someday I'll go longer. I join a group of Team Berkeley runners for long runs on Saturday mornings. The pace is comfortable, so long as the topic of conversation is agreeable.Current Shoe: Asics 2130, Brooks Adrenaline 8, Puma Complete Magnetist IIFavorite Pre-Race Meal: LasagnaFavorite Race: Lake Monona 20KFavorite Training Run: Last 20 mile run before a marathon

Erin Lynn: Madison, WI

About Me: I began running on a consistent basis January 2008, which was a challenge because I was formerly a volleyball, basketball, track (hurdles/jumps), rowing girl. I realized I can't play team sports forever and needed a different outlet, so I started running and training for my first half marathon, which I completed May 2008. I am now training for my first marathon, the Madison Marathon (May 2009). I would not consider myself a strong runner (yet), but am more in the 'slow and steady' category. I train between an 8:50- and 10-minute-mile. I am hoping to do sprint triathlon in the near future as well.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: BananaFavorite Race: Crazy Legs!Favorite Training Run: Intervals/Long runs with a friend

Evan Corden: Madison, WI

About me: I started running for soccer in 5'th grade. Since then I have begun running road races and most recently have started training for the Devil's Lake triathlon.Current Shoe: Saucony and AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Madison MarathonFavorite Training Run: 5 miles to the Union


Fran Wiedenhoeft: Madison, WI

About me: After many years of being a very driven person in every aspect of my life including runnng, I hit the wall with physical illness in 1997, a way no marathon could ever effect a person. Since then running has been up and down, and every run I have feels like a real bonus. I have been on a mission to find out information and connect with others who have autoimmne diseases, lupus, who are going beyond the most common advice,( that it is good to get some exercise !) and trying to train, push themselves, race and generally be athletic, without making themselves sick. Always a runner!Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta with vegetables lightly sautéed in olive oilFavorite Race: Army Ten Miler with grandson MannyFavorite Training Run: Tempo, then long run

Francisca Corona: Madison, WI

About me: I ran the Capitol Mile with my mommy, and my brother ran the short race. My other sister was too little. I like to run with David. I like to do art.Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Chocolate Power BarFavorite Race: Capitol MileFavorite Training Run: Little Striders


Fred Boehm: Madison, WI

About me: Goals include running 2 or 3 half marathons in 2012. I qualified for the boston marathon in my first marathon.

Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Fruits Favorite Race: Grandma's MarathonFavorite Training Run:Lake Monona Loop


Gail Tolbert: McFarland, WI

About me: I have run 5 marathons, many 1/2 marathons and several sprint triathlons. I am now working on speed and want to concentrate on 1/2 marathon or shorter. My marathon days are over! I ran 8 miles this AM at an 8mm pace.

Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Half-MarathonFavorite Training Run:8-10 miles at 8-8:15 mm pace


Garth Wood: Madison, WI

About me: I'm relatively new to distance or endurance running, and am now able to complete a 5k distance at about 10 min pace. I play soccer, and I am attempting to increase my soccer endurance and speed by increasing my fitness with running. My current goals include being able to run 2 miles in 12 minutes every day, and improving my 5k times. I prefer running alone, but might include more social type runs or races as I run more. I may enter the Zombie Run this year. I am also interested in trying the Hoka shoes at your upcoming event, as I am 6'2" 225 with high arches, plantar fasciitis (mostly recovered from) and knee problems. I enjoy trail running at Picnic Point the most. I am happy to find your shop!

Current Shoe: Brooks, Mizuno, AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Don't race presently, but I love Scottish Oatmeal, Muesli, Yogurt and Fruit and Eggs for Breakfast.Favorite Race: Was thinking about trying a Tough Mudder or Zombie Run this year/Favorite Training Run:FARTLEK!


Gina Slesar: Madison, WI

About me: I just signed up for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon and a bajillion (that's the exact number) other smaller races to prepare for it. My goal is to finish that marathon and PR in the other races I am competing in this year. I'm a novice runner and am looking forward to joining a running community and staying motivated!

Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Coffee and an eggwhite sandwich.Favorite Race: Right now, the Madison MiniFavorite Training Run:Any run that kicks my ass.


Gwen Frank: Madison, WI

About me: I've been running for four years now, and over half that time with Berkeley Running Company. I recently completed my first marathon, and look forward to the next one sometime summer of 2010.Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Spaghetti and meatballsFavorite Race: CrazylegsFavorite Training Run: Hill workout behind Edgewood College. Bounding, lunging, and sprinting.


Hannah TusonMadison, WI

About Me: I started out as a triple jumper in high school, but over the subsequent years have been pulled towards more and more running. I ran track and cross country in college, and now have been convinced (against my better judgement, I'm still a middle distance runner at heart) to register for the Milwaukee marathon this October. I hope to start coming to some of the Berkeley group runs to meet more local runners and find some new routes around town.Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Maple & brown sugar Quaker oatmeal with bananasFavorite Race: Can I say the 1500m? I also love the Madison to Chicago relay (Go Big Cheese!).Favorite Training Run: I used to love 10x400m, but it would probably kill me now.

Heather Bernhard: Madison, WI

About me: I've been running and training for races for the past two years. I love the feeling of completing a race and pushing myself through something challenging. However, although I work out regularly and have been running for a few years, my most comfortable pace is about an 11 min mile. I can sustain a faster pace than that, but it's not really my goal. I don't have any ambitions to increase my pace - I just want to train to complete races and stay in shape! I just ran a 1/2 marathon this past summer in Bend, Oregon where I've been living for the past 2 1/2 years. I used to want to train for a marathon, but I think the 1/2 is my max. I love 10Ks. :)Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Any 10K :)Favorite Training Run: Long run

Helen Jones: Waunakee, WI

About me: I am a wife and homeschooling mom, so running is my sanity!! I was a runner many years ago and stopped when I took up kickboxing. I started running again about a year ago and since then have run a 5k and two half marathons. I'm looking forward to more races, including a full marathon, next year. I love running any distance and any type of work out!! My goal is to qualify for Boston by the time I'm 50, so I only have a couple of years, but I'm certain that I can do it! I've also recently begun running in Vibrams and would like to complete a long race in them.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Vegetarian chili, apple with almond butterFavorite Race: Columbus Nationwide Better Health - very flat!!!Favorite Training Run: Probably the long run...anything over 9 miles.


Jackson PotterMadison, WI

About me: I have started running longer distances for fun in the last few years, but I used to play a lot of tennis and baseball, so short-distance running is also close to my heart. I enjoy anything from 100m up to a marathon. I am on the UW-Madison Triathlon Team, and I am training for the Ironman this year. Hopefully the run leg can make up for my mediocre (at best) swimming and biking. I won't be living in Madison for too much longer, so I'm trying not to take my amazing surroundings for granted this summer. Great place to be.Current Shoe: Asics and New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Peanut butter on just about anythingFavorite Race: Lake Monona 20KFavorite Training Run: Hour run with form drills for middle 20 minutes

James Rodin: Reedsburg, WI

About me: I am currently living in Reedsburg, WI but I am moving back to De Forest, WI in December. I was training for a half marathon 2 summers ago until I found out I had Patello Femoral Stress Syndrome. My knees were really bad. I am trying to get back into shape to attempt a half marathon. I currently run about 745 - 825 miles. I am also looking to get into Team in Training. I missed a meeting for it today, I was running late.Current Shoe: Adidas SupernovaFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: 10k when I was able to runFavorite Training Run: hill runs/ sprint workout or pickups

Jannette McMunn: Verona, WI

About me: I consider myself a new runner. I began running the summer of 09 and completed the USAF half in Dayton Oh the following Sept. After the race, I struggled with knee pain until a PT solved my problem. I began running again at the beginning of 2010 and have hopes of completing another half now that I'm running without pain!! I dream of someday completing a full marathon. I am building my mileage slowly and currently run 2 to 5 miles several times a week. I've lost approx 40 pounds with the help of running and I'm feeling great!Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Anything shared with other race participants. I love the energy.Favorite Race: USAF half in DaytonFavorite Training Run:

Jason Hiestand: Madison, WI

About me: I have been running religiously since early 2002. I ran four years of Track at Madison East High school. Go Purgolders! I am consumed by distance running now, taking on Marathons, 10k's 5k's. I am addicted to running. I always love seeing new people out there on the courses running. It makes me feel like I have a real purpose out there. I am still learning new ways to train for upcoming races. I hope I can run until I can't run anymore. Run Forest Run! It's been a great journey from that first 5k to the last Marathon I ran. I will keep it up as long as I can. I strive to improve my PR in the Marathon. I just ran the Madison marathon and had a great time. It really was a life changing goal for me.Current Shoe: Asics 2130Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Bananas, protein bars, pasta mealsFavorite Race: Still Plenty of new races to explore. Presently, the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race is my favorite road race.Favorite Training Run: Speed work and tempo runs


Jay Reed: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:

Jay Storey: Madison, WI

About me: I run because it makes me happy - plain and simple. Not big on races, so I guess I'm just "training" for tomorrow's run. It's about enjoying the weather - even when it's 10 below. It's about escaping the few worries in my life - run so hard you're drooling and all you can think about it the next few steps. It's about simple enjoyment - something no one can take away from me, and something that costs nothing (but those performance tops are awfully nice...). And it's about running when you don't want to - because I'm lucky enough to be alive and healthy, to have legs, and because you never regret a run when it's finished.Current Shoe: Nike PegasusFavorite Pre-Race Meal: sourdough baguette and peanut butterFavorite Race: The miles I'll run today!Favorite Training Run: Long Sunday run through the neighborhoods of Madison

Jean Bormett: Madison, WI

About me: love to run and ride my bike run to stay in shape and looseweight like to do road races thru out the year ride mybike in multiple day events riding in my 8th act ride biggest claim to fame: ran from alaska to mexico twice backpack in the co.rockies every aug.Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: bananasFavorite Race: New York City marathonFavorite Training Run: Long run on dirt trails

Jeff Thompson: De Forest, WI

About me:Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PizzaFavorite Race: Ironman Wisconsin Favorite Training Run: Long run

Jen Makovec: Madison, WI

About me: I want to find great people who love to run. I just moved back to Madison, WI from St. Paul, MN. I miss my running group and want to make some new friends. I completed the 2011 Green Bay Marathon (and qualified for Boston) and am gearing up for Twin Cities in a few weeks.Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PizzaFavorite Race: Monster Dash Half Marathon in Minneapolis, MNFavorite Training Run: Long run

Jess Manier: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: I have run over 100 races to date. Everything from 5k's to marathons. The 1/2 marathon distance is my favorite. My goal is to run 20 races this year.Current Shoe: New Balance 768Favorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: The Chicago Marathon - the crowd support is amazingFavorite Training Run: Hills

Jessica Robbins: Madison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Plain yogurt, bran cereal and raisinsFavorite Race: Dexter-Ann Arbor Half MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long run

Jill Karofsky: Madison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: Nike PegasusFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race: Ice Age TrailFavorite Training Run:

Joe Kurian: Madison, WI

About me: Like a lot of runners I run to keep life on an even keel. When time permits I dabble in triathlon, which has led me into continually doing Ironman. I will do IM Wisconsin this year, but then expect to go back to just running for a while and hope to do my first 50 mile race in the next year. I run basically every Sunday from berkeley at 7 AM and have met some great people thru that group. I keep hoping we'll get some more people as the summer rolls along. hint, hint... :)Current Shoe: Nike Pegasus (Is there another shoe?)Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Is it peanut butter laden? Then that'll do!Favorite Race: IM WisconsinFavorite Training Run: John Dick Memorial 50K

Johanna Orca Handyside: McFarland, WI

About me: I have been an on-again-off-again runner for years and just competed in my first half marathon this summer. Since reaching that goal my mileage has fizzled out, but I'm looking to hit the streets again and rekindle my love of the run.Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: OneAmerica 500Favorite Training Run:

John Desens: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: I've been running my whole life but most recently began training for and competing in marathons. I enjoy running because I get to meet and interact with a diverse group of people while at the same time improve my fitness and overall health.Current Shoe: Nike Air Zoom VomeroFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta with Red Sauce and Garlic BreadFavorite Race: My next race is always my favorite race, however the Green Bay Marathon and the Rails to Trails Marathon (Norwalk, WI) are great racesFavorite Training Run: Long training runs on Saturday mornings and speed work with the Wednesday morning group

John Kamindo: Madison, WI

About me: I am a highly motivated runner and I have run as a professional for five years, competing against world-class runners.My current goal is to get back in shape and back out on the roads.Current Shoe: NewtonFavorite Pre-Race Meal: FruitsFavorite Race: 10k, 8k, 5k, and 3k.Favorite Training Run: Tempo, long runs and intervals.

John Lowrey: Madison, WI

About me: 650 races run, 14 marathons, 33 ultras, soon to complete 25 half-marathons in 25 states.Current Shoe: New Balance and BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Favorite Training Run: Long Run

John Strange: Madison, WI

About me: I run almost exclusively on trails and prefer rough trails, steep hills, dirt, and good conversation. I've been running trail ultras for the last three years. I'm on the board of the Upper Midwest Trail Runners Club and am planning my first trail 100 for summer 2009. Come join me in the arb on Saturday mornings.Current Shoe: Brooks Cascadia, North Face Fire RoadFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pizza, salad, and chocolate chip cookiesFavorite Race: Mt. Masochist 50 Mile; Little River Trail Run; Madison City MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long trail runs; jog stroller runs on Lake Mendota Drive with Walt

Jon Butt: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: I have been running for almost 20 years completing races from 5K to marathons. I have also starting triathlons and really love the 3-sport races. After treading water for several years, I would very much like to take my training to the next level. One goal I have is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.Current Shoe: Addias, Nike, and SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Honey nut Cheerios, skim milk, banana, and a glass of V8.Favorite Race: 1/2 marathon and Olympic distance TriathlonFavorite Training Run: Easy long run like around Lake Monona or through the arb.

Jon Neumann: Madison, WI

About me: Shuckey durn!

Current Shoe: I'm typically a Brooks and New Balance fan, but currently wearing Asics' DS TrainerFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite? My options are limited... Oatmeal, toast, OJ, and a bananaFavorite Race: I ran the 400/800 in college, so anchoring my alma mater's record-setting 4x8 team is most memorable.Favorite Training Run: Track workouts! Repeats and ladders can be fun. Otherwise, a nice moderate run downtown on a sunny summer day.

Jonathan Bruck: Washington, D.C.

About me:Current Shoe: Was Brooks, but just bought my first pair of AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: SalmonFavorite Race: Marine Corps MarathonFavorite Training Run: I love the tranquility of long runs, but also love pusing myself during tempo workouts.

Jordan Bingham: Madison, WI

About me: I am a recreational runner and find training quite rewarding for staying fit for sports, maintaining body composition, and most importantly for mental health! Madison is a great running city. After nine half marathons, I finally was finally brave enough to train for my first marathon this year. I finished Grandma's marathon in June 2008 and while I am enjoying a break, I look forward to more great runs.Current Shoe: Nike and AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta and fruit smoothiesFavorite Race: Indianapolis Life 500 Festival Mini-MarathonFavorite Training Run: Monona Bay loop

Joseph Hoch: Stoughton, WI

About me: I began running about 2 1/2 years ago and have done 5 marathons with a PR of 3:01. My current goal is to run sub-3 hours at the Chicago Marathon in October. I'd like to meet some other people to run with in Stoughton or Madison. Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: The Boston MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long Run

Joseph Scalia: Madison, WI

About me:Current Shoe: NewtonFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Burger and a beerFavorite Race: Bridger Ridge RunFavorite Training Run: Intervals

Josh Steger: Madison, WI

About me: I'm Josh, 22, and I love to run!Current Shoe: Favorite Pre-Race Meal:Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:

Julie Wilson: Madison, WI

About me: Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: GrapefruitFavorite Race: Chicago MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Justin Darrow: Verona, WI

About me: I started my running career in middle school as sprinter for track and eventually found my way to Cross Country in high school. Thats where my love for distance running began. I competed for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Mens Track and Cross Country teams. I recently graduated and completed my first marathon in the summer of 2010 and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, I tore a meniscus during the marathon and required surgery which made me miss Boston.

Current Shoe: Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:

Justin Easter: Madison, WI

About me: I grew up in Maine, ran xc and outdoor track at Bates College, and then took off to make a living cross country ski racing. I've been chasing mountain sunsets for the years since 2003, and am excited to call Madison home! I've done only a few 1/2 marathons over the years, and still love to run fast on the track whenever I can. My only real goal is to run more often, and meet some rad people along the way. I've had a few pretty good races over the years, but I'm just ready to join a community of runners.Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Good ol' pastaFavorite Race: Any local 5k in the fall that serves beer at the end!Favorite Training Run: Track workouts are the most rewarding, albeit the most painful. 

Justin HeinzMadison, WI

About me:Just picked up running 2 years ago, and started seriously training this past summer. I have completed 1 marathon, 3 50k's, and 1 50 miler. I am signed up for the Madison 100k in april, as well as the Black Hills 100 in June out in South Dakota (Cant come soon enough). Current Shoe: Mizuno Wave Precision 12Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel with blackberry jam and a banana Favorite Race: Any Ultra distances, so far a 50k i did in the Marin HeadlandsFavorite Training Run: Long Run





Kaitlin Marvin: Madison, WI

About me: I am a recent college graduate from Elon University in North Carolina. I relocated to Madison for a job at Lands' End. I am training remotely with a best friend from college for a half marathon in February. I played varsity sports all through high school, but never focused on running. So I would consider myself slightly out of shape and a beginner, but I am really looking forward to training.

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Haven't had a race yet, but I hear pasta is the way to go.Favorite Race: Well, I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon!Favorite Training Run: Interval, but I am not sure thats actually my favorite since I am inexperienced!

Kate Frederick: Madison, WI

About me: I am primarily an avid cyclist and have recently taken up running for cross training purposes and to maintain fitness outside in the winter. My goals are small - but I would like to finish a few 5ks in around 30 minutes. Obviously, I am slow. I enjoy running on trails. If I am in town I hope to participate in the Berbee Derby.

Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Peanut butter graham crackers

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: Madison, WI

About me: Never stop running

Current Shoe: Brooks and NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: bagel with PB and bananaFavorite Race: Spirit of Racine Half IMFavorite Training Run: long run

Kathy Heumann: Madison, WI

About me: Starting to train for Madison marathon. I'm a casual runner that is hoping to stay disciplined to train.

Current Shoe: Asics, NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Banana and a bagelFavorite Race: Crazy LegsFavorite Training Run: Long run

Katie Mouzakis: Madison, WI

About me: I am currently a graduate student in the Biochemistry dept. at UW Madison. I love running and have been involved with the sport since I was 10. I ran in college for Claremont Mudd Scripps and am now running all over Madison. I ran my first marathon this fall (Milwaukee) and it was really hard! It went really well though and I am going to do Boston in the spring. I am always looking for people to run with!

Current Shoe: Asics 2140Favorite Pre-Race Meal:1/2 nature valley granola bar, 1/2 banana, 1 cup apple juiceFavorite Race: Tyranena beer run (1/2 barrel)Favorite Training Run:I love doing base runs of ~7 mi.

Katie Schmidt: Madison, WI

About me: I started running this January to lose weight, decrease migraines, and get healthier overall. To date I've lost almost 45 pounds and just completed my first half marathon in 2:15:32. I love to run for the sake of running. I hope to run more half marathons and have toyed with the idea of running a full, but am really unsure about it.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Kashi Go Lean! Crunch with a bananaFavorite Race: Tyranena Half MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long run

Kelly Kaschner:Madison, WI

About me: I'm a beginner training for the Madison Half Marathon in November. I've never run any race before, and I just started training a month ago.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Edamame and quinoaFavorite Race: Just getting started--no favorites yet!Favorite Training Run: Half-marathon training plan

Kelsey Shay: West Madison

About me: I started running about 10 years ago when I joined the middle school track team. Since then, I've focused mostly on middle distance (5-10k). I mostly stopped racing in college (who knew entry fees could add up so quickly?!), but I'm hoping to run my first marathon this summer. Currently easing back into my training after a month-long hiatus...

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Living History Farms (Urbandale, IA): Best off-road race ever.Favorite Training Run: long run

Kevin Gustafson:Madison, WI

About me: Used to run in High school. Really fell off in the last 20 years. Last year I decided that I needed to run again. Did Active's Couch to 5K and 5K to 10K. After my first 10K (Haunted Hustle) I realized I could farther. So I thought about trying my hand at a half marathon (prolly Madison in May) and possibly the Twin Cities full in October. Right now I run at about a 10 minute training pace.

Current Shoe: New Balance (but I need new ones)Favorite Pre-Race Meal: PB sandwich and BananasFavorite Race: Haunted HustleFavorite Training Run: I like tempo runs



Krista Gehring: Beaver Dam, WI

About me: I just moved back to the area from Los Angeles and want to get back into running after a year hiatus. I have run 8 marathons and numerous half marathons however now I am a bit out shape. My goal is to get back into shape, start racing again, and meet some new people! My next race is the Madison 1/2 in November.

Current Shoe: Brooks CadenceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Clif Bar and a Banana Favorite Race: RAGNAR RelayFavorite Training Run:Long run

Kris Benedict: Evansville, IL

About me: 46 year old mother of two teen boys. Ran in hs. Would like to get back into it to be fit, healthy and lose weight.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Protein shake and banana Favorite Race: Not sureFavorite Training Run:Not sure


Kris Frederick: Madison, WI

About me: I took up running in 2009 and finished my first 10K in 2010 and since then have completed a few half marathons.

Current Shoe: Brooks Ravenna & AdrenalineFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel and banana Favorite Race: Haunted HustleFavorite Training Run:Tempo and progression runs

Kristie Jordan: Madison, WI

About me: I've had an on and off relationship with running for the past four years, but want to be more consistent with it. I can't afford to join a gym so running is one of my only ways to keep my fitness level up so that's a big motivator. Someday I would like to run a marathon, but right now I would just like to move past 9-10 minute miles. I'm running my first half marathon in September and pretty psyched about it!

Current Shoe: Nike Air PegasusFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Clif bar and fresh fruit (like a peach or banana)Favorite Race: River to Sea Relay (goes from Milford to Manasquan, NJ)Favorite Training Run: long run

Kristin L: Madison, WI

About me: I'm a newbie runner, looking to improve my speed and endurance. I have big race plans, but right now I'm taking it one run at a time.

Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Training Run: Anything with shade!

Kyle DittloffMadison, WI

About me: Former high school track and cross country runner, now training for longer distances.Current Shoe: Nike Lunar Flyknit/ Pegasus 31 Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta Favorite Race: Crazylegs Favorite Training Run: Tempo runs

Laura E. Strimpel: Madison, WI

About me: I have been an athlete all my life, beginning with softball in my early years in my home state of Pennsylvania. I began running 3 years ago in Santa Barbara, CA. I have since completed 4 half-marathons (Long Beach, Orange County, Surf City/Huntington Beach, Atlanta) and numerous other 5K and 10K races. I am excited to complete my first marathon. I earned my BA in Sociology from Arcadia University (PA) and my MA in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I currently work in Housing at UW and dedicates my resources to helping staff and students develop into incredible adults who have a positive respect for themselves and all others.

Current Shoe: Asics KayanoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal & Raisin PowerbarFavorite Race: Surf City - they have an awesome expo!Favorite Training Run: Long runs around Lake Monona

Lauren Fuller: Madison, WI

About me: I am starting my running journey. My ultimate goal is to be able to compete in a triathlon.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta with an amazing marinara sauce and chicken.

Lauren Ledin: Madison, WI

About me: I am currently drawing up plans to do the Eau Claire 1/2 marathon. In the past I've done a handful of 5K and 10Ks and am looking for the next goal!

Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: WalnutsFavorite Race: Crazy LegsFavorite Training Run:Long run



Lauren Versweyveld: Janesville, WI

About me: Ran in college for Olivet Nazarene University; NAIA All-American in the 10k. Now I love to run local road races whenever I can!

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta! Favorite Race: 1/2 MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long run



Lisa Kursel: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Favorite Training Run:

Loren LaPointe: Madison, WI

About me: I just started graduate school at UW-Madison, pursuing a Ph.D. in biochemistry. I am currently training for my first half marathon (Chicago Half: Sept 13, 2009) and would like to complete my first marathon in the Spring of 2010. I am originally from Kalamazoo, MI, where I also completed my undergraduate degrees at Western Michigan University (GO BRONCOS!). I would like to continue to train for half marathons and marathons throughout my career at UW-Madison and beyond. Eventually, I would like to compete in triathlons, but for now I enjoy the running. I am always looking for new people to run with!

Current Shoe: Mizuno Wave AlchemyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Day before: pasta, beer, and lots of water/Morning before: peanut butter toast, banana, coffee, and waterFavorite Race: Mackinac Island Lilac Fest 10kFavorite Training Run: Long run


Lindsey Habermann: Madison, WI

About me: I just moved to Madison from Fort Collins, CO. I love trails and most of all running with my dog. He has trained for many a marathon with me and loves running groups!

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: cerealFavorite Race: Colorado MarathonFavorite Training Run: long run, also love trail runs

Lisa Stapelmann: Madison, WI

Current Shoe: Zoot Ultra KaneFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal and bananasFavorite Training Run: Intervals

Liz Zelandais: Madison, WI

About me: was a couch potato until I was 30. Now closer to 60 than 50, I have finished 5 marathons and 1/2-IM distance tri, plus a lot of other smaller races. But lately I'm feeling stuck and need a kick-start.

Current Shoe:Depends on the weatherFavorite Pre-Race Meal:Bagel and coffeeFavorite Race: Austin A and T Marathon

Lucas Henson: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PizzaFavorite Race: Dances with DirtFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Maddy: Middleton, WI

About me: I am 8yrs old. I love to do Little Striders with Mr. Mike!!! I love to play softball, swim, and love arts-n-crafts. I love to spend time at our cabin and go 4 wheeling with my dad. I have two dogs, a german shorthair named Chloe and a bischion named Toby.

Mario Gahona: Madison, WI

About me: I did run the half marathon last year, and I do really want to continue running. May 29 is going to be my first marathon and I love to do 8 minutes per mile.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: I don't know.Favorite Race: BostonFavorite Training Run: Long run

Mark Kern: Lake Mills, WI

About me: I decided to do my first sprint triathlon in the Spring of 2006. My warm up to that event was the 2006 Madison 5K. In 2007 I competed in 4 more sprints and the Urbanathlon in Chicago, IL. The Madison 5K in 2006 was my very first organized race! During my preperation for the 2007 season I met David. Without his assistance, technique tips, expertise and support, that season would have been more work than enjoyment. In 2008 I competed in the Lake Mills Tri and I am currently training for the 70.3 "Ironman Muskoka" in Huntsville, Ontario, CAN. Thank you Berkeley

Current Shoe: Adidas Adistar ControlFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PastaFavorite Race: Looking forward to my first 70.3!Favorite Training Run: Long run with a friend

Mark Olschesky: Madison, WI

About me: Ran track in high school and played ultimate in college. Fell a bit out of love with running when I moved to Madison because I was biking, playing frisbee and enjoying the 'sconnie lifestyle. In a last minute switch, I ended up running Ragnar with the Berkeley gang in 2009 and had a great time running. Since then I've been running with the goal of completing my first marathon in Madison in May.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Red bull and excedrin... just kidding. I prefer cereal.Favorite Race: CrazylegsFavorite Training Run: The 5k route around my house never gets old.

Marsha Cohen: Madison, WI

About me: I'm fat, slow and old. I want to be thin, not so slow, and...well, I guess I can't change the old. I've run on & off for 30 years and have completed 3 marathons and several short-course triathlons. Then I got fat, slow and ....well, you already know that. My ultimate goal is to exercise regularly, drop below 12 min miles (yes, I'm serious about that time) and lose 30 pounds. I'd like to continue to do that forever, but I just can't get motivated. I'd like to run at least weekly with a partner or a group that doesn't leave me in the dust.

Current Shoe: New Balance 857, but they're a hundred years oldFavorite Pre-Race Meal: S'getti I guessFavorite Race: In Madison it's the Berby Derby; in the country it's the Bay to Breakers (in SF), for marathons it's New YorkFavorite Training Run: Right now I'd go for a consistent 30 min, but I did used to like increasing my speed with intervals and a longer weekend run

Mary Larson: Madison, WI

About Me: I started seriously running in June 2008. Prior to that I ran about 3-4 times a week but never more than 3 miles. I just complete my first half marathon at Rock and Roll PHX. I am now training for the Madison marathon 2009. I want to move from just finishing races to having a time.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: 1/2 Einstein’s powerbagel and choc. flavored coffeeFavorite Race: Berbee derby, I enjoyed all the ones I have done.Favorite Training Run: Long, slow runs

Matt Deadman: Madison, WI

About me: I started running in high school as a way to stay in shape. Luckily I have kept it up since because it still keeps me in shape and more importantly keeps me sane! I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good run and am continually searching for the elusvie "runners high"

Current Shoe: Asics, Nike, SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PowerbarFavorite Race: 5KFavorite Training Run: Long run

Melissa Martens Madison, WI

About me: I started running when I was 11 years old. I learned at an early age that I loved running. I ran for both Baraboo and Sauk Prairie HS cross country and track teams. At the collegiate level, I competed for a D3 school my freshman year and then transferred to a D1 school out east to complete my college running career. I am currently coaching girls cross country and track(assistant coach) at Verona Area High School and striving to get back into racing shape myself. Recently, I've had an interest in qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I would love to make that happen here very soon. I would also like to start running 5k road races as well.

Current Shoe: Nike Lunar seriesFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta Favorite Race: Mile/1500Favorite Training Run: 8-10 200 or 6-8 300s(1 second faster each time)

Meredith Peterson: Madison, WI

About me: I am new to Madison and would like to join a running group and find other fit people to train for some races with me! I come from a strong cycling, triathlon, and running background. I have lived in the Southwest for the past 3yrs, doing lots of USCF events as a Cat 3 (cycling) and would like to return to some running races for the fall and colder months! I have completed various marathon distance events, triathlons of all distances, and mostly enjoy criterium and road races in cycling. I have a love/hate relationship with running that mostly falls into the love category :) I would like to gear my Fall and Winter training with a combined effort in running, cycling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing! I am excited to be back in the Midwest and experience my favorite seasons to run--in the COLD!!!

Current Shoe: Saucony ProGridFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Field greens salad with bread, veggie burgerFavorite Race: Utica BoilermakerFavorite Training Run: Long run on wooded trails

Micha Siegel: Madison, WI

About me: I am always looking towards the next marathon to set my sights on. I have done 2 so far and planning on doing the Chicago Marathon this October. One day I would like to be able to do an Ironman.

Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta with tomato sauce and cheeseFavorite Race: Miami MarathonFavorite Training Run: Tempo running

Michael Roherty: Milton, WI

About me: Running is who I am. I don't get out of bed in the morning without thinking about it. Since I was in middle school I have not been able to get enough of running. Although I was never the most talented runner in high school, I always gave it my all, and even helped my team qualify for the state meet my senior year. I served as captain my junior and senior season because of my dedication to the sport. Now that I am out of high school I have started my marathon career. I have completed two marathons and am currently training for Chicago. I recently started a job running with a local autistic boy. I believe that running can help all people. As you can see I am all about running and hope to continue my passion for the sport.

Current Shoe: asicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta, and lots of itFavorite Race: MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long Runs

Michelle Schwarze Madison, WI

About me: I am an incoming postdoc at UW Madison (hailing from Davis, CA) who just finished her first marathon. I love distance running, and would love to find a new training group in Madison to learn the lay of the land, meet some new running buddies, and figure out how to keep running in Wisconsin winters!

Current Shoe: Mizuno Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Honey nut cheerios Favorite Race: SF Marathon Favorite Training Run: Long run


Michelle Wilson: Madison, WI Current Shoe: Saucony

Mike Sperle: Middleton, WI

About me: I ran my first marathon this year in The Quad Cities and though painful was the greatest feeling of achievement. Looking forward to many more marathons in the future.

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Fettuccine AlfredoFavorite Race: Crazylegs. So much fun year after yearFavorite Training Run:long run

Mimi Johnson Madison, WI

About me: I have completed several half marathons and 10-milers in the last few years, although I still do not identify as a runner. I have commited to run the Marine Corps Marathon this fall and the Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, half, and full over four days) in Disney in January. I look forward to connecting with the Madison running community as I prepare to a) become a runner and b) train for and complete my first marathon(s).

Current Shoe: Nike and BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: oatmeal and a banana Favorite Race: George Washington Parkway 10-milerFavorite Training Run: A relaxing run with my dog

Nathan Shirey: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: In high school I was a member of my track team (discus and shot put) and I also ran Cross Country my senior year. In college I joined the US Air Force ROTC in which I ran quite a bit. After leaving the military in 2008 I stopped running and got out of shape.

Nebash Memon: Fitchburg, WI

About me: I am a novice runner. Just recently discovered the high that I get while running and its contagious. So Iv decided to run even more regularly (even though summer is over!).

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Training Run: Intervals

Nick Goeser: Madison, WI

About me: I am a graduate student at UW-Madison. I've always ran, but recently been more interested in training to finish a marathon. I'm interested in talking and training with other runners of all skill levels.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Training Run: Tempo runs

Nick Morrison: Madison, WI

About Me: I got into distance running about 5 years ago when I signed up for my first marathon with my brother. I've been hooked ever since and have been running two marathons a year plus some shorter races thrown in there for fun. I ran Boston this spring and am training for Chicago and Madison this fall. I also am just getting into triathlons. I finished the Racine Half Ironman last weekend and am thinking about signing up for IMWI next year.Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Any kind of pasta, love Italian food!Favorite Race: Boston was hands down the most amazing race I've ever been in.Favorite Training Run: I like doing 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 interval training

Nick Seiske: Waukesha, WI

About Me: Current Shoe: Adidas Adistar TempoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Peanut Butter sandwich and a PowerbarFavorite Race: The Fox Cities MarathonFavorite Training Run: Tempo Runs, a lot of distance in a little time

Nihal KorkmazMadison, WI

About me: I am a 29 year old female, pursuing grad school. Recently started running and did a half marathon this saturday with 11:13 pace! I would love to be faster sub 10 minute pace and train for another half in november! Besides, I still do run/walk, i want to be to be able to run nonstop!Current Shoe: Asics and Brooks Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Banana / cornbreadFavorite Race: I just one race, the madison mini, it was ton of fun!Favorite Training Run: Tempo and intervals

Pat Conway: Mt. Horeb, WI

About me: I almost gave up running in 2004 for good due to too many injuries. Then I changed my running strategy and technique. Since then I have done a couple of marathons, completed Ironman WI 2005, ran the Great Wall of China and love triathlons. My goal is to keep moving. I did the 2008 Racine half Ironman and am now training for the Chicago marathon.

Current Shoe: Reebok and MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: Marine Corp Marathon and IronmanFavorite Training Run: Tempo and long. Who likes intervals?

Patrick Brady: West Madison

About me: I am training for my first Ironman. I am doing Ironman WI 2010. Currently I am doing a lot of base work and crosstraining while working on my swimming technique. I just bought some running snow shoes and I am excited to tear up the trails this winter. My goals are a sub 3 hour marathon this spring and to complete the Ironman in a respectable time this fall. I enjoy spending time with my wife and hitting the trails with my dog. I am looking forward to meeting some of Team Berkeley and doing some running!

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Banana and Peanut ButterFavorite Race: Journey's MarathonFavorite Training Run: anything on trails, long

Paul Riley: Madison, WI

About me: I started out playing soccer in high school, running track to stay in shape. I decided to give cross country a go when I got to college, and have been running continuously ever since. Since graduating from college in 2004, I came to Madison for graduate school in geology. I enjoy running all sorts of races, but have larger focused on marathons in recent years.

Current Shoe: Currently, Puma, but dominantly, AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel, half cup of coffee, and some GatoradeFavorite Race: Run for the Diamonds in Berwick, Pennsylvania (9 miles)Favorite Training Run: 10-12 mile easy runs are the best

Penny Aguilera: Cottage Grove, WI

About me: I'm a mid-life, non-athlete trying really hard to become healthier. Super slow, but persistent. Coming back from some nagging aches and pains. I've run a few 5k's and a few Crazy Legs. My fave was running through Lambeau field during the GB Marathon (me doing the 5k)

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Race: Crazy LegsFavorite Training Run: Slooowwww…

Peter Premkumar: Madison, WI

About me: Complete my first Marathon Chicago 08

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: RiceFavorite Race: Anything in MadisonFavorite Training Run: Long run


Pete Witucki: Madison, WI

About me: I got back into running and racing last summer (2007) after completing a trail race in the UP. I had forgotten how much I missed running, so I planned a trail racing schedule for this summer, culminating with the Grand Island Trail Marathon. Fortunately I met David (Mr. Berkeley himself) at the Thanksgiving Berbee Derby and we took the long winter in stride with regular snow runs and a couple snowshoe runs. With the marathon just around the corner, I'm not sure I would have made it through training for my first marathon without the Berkeley running community - I certainly wouldn't have made it through in such high spirits.

Current Shoe: Montrail on the trails, Adidas on the road.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal, I guess.Favorite Race: Generally it's the most recent, at the moment: The Great Adirondack Trail Race (11.5M)Favorite Training Run: Trail runs while traveling are the best.

Phil Hoechst: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: Brooks Dyad, NB 826, Asics DS RacerFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel and peanut butter, banana, coffeeFavorite Race: Ironman Wisconsin, Lake Monona 20kFavorite Training Run: Saturday morning long run through the Arb cannot be beat. This time of year you may even catch a rogue deer on the trails.

Phillip Maree: Madison, WI

About me: I’ve been an avid runner since the age of 12. My ideal running distance is 10km (PB 33:59min) but I will also do the occasional 15km (PB 57:12) and 21.1km (PB 79:12min). I love seeing new places and exploring new alleys..., what better way than to do it in your running shoes:)

Current Shoe: Asics CumulusFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Coffee and a slice of toast with peanut butterFavorite Race: Knysna 10km, South Africa - Flast, fast and stunning scenery.Favorite Training Run: Long runs!

Rachel Eggers: Mt. Horeb, WI

About me:I was a sprinter in high school so learning to like running distance was a long but fun journey. Sprinting the last quarter mile of a race is still my favorite:)I've run three half marathons and one Ragnar relay.Current Shoe: Mizuno Wave RidersFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal and berriesFavorite Race: Summerfest Rock n SoleFavorite Training Run: Long morning runs in the summer

Rachel Orvick: Oregon, WI

About Me: I am a beginner runner and I pretty much only run crazylegs every year. I would like to learn how to train properly so that I can improve my time, and hopefully start doing more runs. I ran crazylegs in about 43 minutes last year.Current Shoe: Adidas

Ralph Mork: Madison, WI

About Me: After many years of no real training or workouts, I started runing again. In January I added a cardio fitness workout and swimming. In the early spring, I added biking and particiapted in my first triathlon - the sprint distance at the Verona Triterium. I plan to participate in at least 2 more sprint-distance triathlons this summer, but would like to increase my running distance and target a half marathon this fall.Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Not enough experience to commentFavorite Race: Not much experience - so my favorite distance would be a 10kFavorite Training Run: medium to long distance runs

Randy Beck: Fon du Lac, WI

About me: I'm just an old guy refusing to let go of youthful dreams. My first marathon was run last year, (Madison Marathon). You remember? The one that was black-flagged because of dangerous heat. That was my introduction to marathoning. Next I figured I'd run The first annual Wisconsin Dells Marathon. I had no idea there could be as many "rolling" hills. I'm back at it; planning to run Madison again.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Seafood AlfredoFavorite Race: The one I finish.Favorite Training Run: Tempo

Ray Shane: Madison, WI

About me: I would like to continue my slow and gradual improvement in all distances of my running! Goal...become a better runner for the I-man distance events.

Current Shoe: Varies…still looking for that perfect shoe.Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel with peanut butterFavorite Race: I-man WIFavorite Training Run: Still trying to find a run that I enjoy!

Rebecca Coleman: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Eggo with Peanut ButterFavorite Race: Living History Farms Cross Country RunFavorite Training Run: long run

Rene Perales: Green Bay, WI

About me: I am new to running, but not to cycling. I am training this year to participate in a triathalon in 2012. I am participating in the Urbanathalon Chicago in October 2011, and I will be a spectator at the Door County triathalon this July.

Current Shoe:NikeFavorite Race:Sprint TriathlonFavorite Training Run:4 miles up and down Scray's hill on the outskirts of Green Bay.


Rich Bailey: Dodgeville, WI

About me: At the age of 44 I was overweight and out of shape and determined to change it. While pursuing this goal I also developed a desire to run and began a quest to run a marathon. Since then I've completed 12 more marathons, ran a Boston Qualifying time and am planning to do a marathon in every state. The best thing about running marathons is the fantastic people I have met. Just for example, I have met Jim Simpson (first American to do 1,000 marathons) and Larry Macon who just completed all 50 states for the 16th time and Chuck Engle the first person to WIN a marathon in all 50 states!

Current Shoe: Vibram and BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Night - Pancakes, Morning of - Banana and OatmealFavorite Race: Maui Oceanfront MarathonFavorite Training Run: I hate training but love running the races!


Robert Bogan: Madison, WI

About me: I've ran 1 whole marathon and 3 half marathons. I've been a runner for about 5 years now. I also participated in charity running for the American Cancer Society and Team Worldvision.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: An Apple.Favorite Race: Madison MarathonFavorite Training Run: I'm a huge fan of long runs.


Robert Machotka: Madison, WI

About me: I am 46 years old and have been a fitness guy since youth sports reeled me in. I was an Ironman WI competitor in 2004 and 2006. I struggled thru multiple injuries during my training and eventually found out I have CMT - a degenerative neuropathy I inherited from my father. Multiple fractures in my feet and ankles and reconstructive surgery on both feet to realign bony and soft tissue issues from the disease kept me out of running for the last six years. As my body has healed and a failing marriage of 20 years has me looking for ways to cope and "heal", I am looking back to running as a way to restore myself. I got a pair of Hokas when the rep was here a couple weeks ago at Berkley and now I am slowly and cautiously putting on some very slow miles to see what I can do with running again and what running can do for me.

Current Shoe: Hoka Stinson Evo TarmacFavorite Pre-Race Meal: fruit and veggie smoothie (I have turned to veganism for numerous reasonsFavorite Race: Ironman was. Now I am just competing against the effects of CMT.Favorite Training Run:Slow and steady without injury is a great run for me.

Robert Shereda: Madison, WI

About me: Training for the 2012 Madison Marathon with DetermiNation! This will be my second marathon.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Favorite Race: Half MarathonFavorite Training Run:


Ron Kerr: Madison, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Diet CokeFavorite Race: Great Aloha RunFavorite Training Run: Any long run

Sam Zelinka: Madison, WI

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Race: Alphornman Triathlon- New Glarus WI

Samantha Angelina: Madison, WI

About me: I'm eight years old

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal:pizzaFavorite Race: Running a mile in school

Sarah Hobbs: Madison, WI

About me: I ran my first race December 31, 2006 -- a 5 K. In September I ran my first marathon, and am looking forward to another. Right now I'm training for the Boston Marathon.Current Shoe: Puma Complete ConcinnityFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Small bowl of granola, half a banana, cup of coffeeFavorite Race: Hyner Park Trail ChallengeFavorite Training Run: Long run

Scot Van Asten: Madison, WI

About me: Endurance athlete with a background in cycling. The last few years I have been spending more and more time focusing on running & competing in long distance trail races. I still love racing my bike but am enticed by the mental challenge of especially hard running events. My goal is to continue to train for long distance running races, 140.6 distance triathlons, and other endurance based races.

Current Shoe: Asics, Saucony, Nike, La Sportiva, TevaFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Coffee and a bagelFavorite Race: White River 50 and Mt. Washington Road RaceFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Scott Kozic: Sussex, WI

About me: I like to run trails. I used to run longer distances like the marathon, now I like to run shorter distances fast. 10k and 10 milers are my favorite distances. I have come to the conclusion, maybe obvious in retrospect, that if you want to be in good overall athletic shape and to feel good as an athlete, training to run the fastest 10k you are capable of is vastly superior to training for a marathon (unless you have a lot more time for training than most people have).

Current Shoe: Inov8, VibramFavorite Pre-Race Meal: 1 egg overeasy on dry toastFavorite Race: Lapham Peak ColoramaFavorite Training Run: Fast five miles on trails, some nice technical trails in West Bend

Scott Topel: Madison, WI

About me: I've been bike racing for the past 20 years and running local 5-10k's the past seven. I've run more recently, doing Grandma's Marathon in 2007 and Boston in 2008. I hope to do the Madison Marathon in 2009, and try to lower my mile time what I ran in high school.

Current Shoe: Adidas SupernovaFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Bananas, yogurt with granolaFavorite Race: Capitol MileFavorite Training Run: Tempo run through the Arboretum, in all seasons

Shelby Anderson: Madison, WI

Current Shoe: Saucony, Asics, Nike, BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Good old spaghettiFavorite Race: Verona Hometown Days RunFavorite Training Run: Longerish run but not too long

Shelby: Middleton, WI

About me: I am entering Middle School this year. I love to do Little Striders with Mr. Mike My hobbies are softball, basketball, and diving. I have 2 dogs, Chloe and Toby. I love going to our cabin and 4 wheeling with my Dad. I am a huge Bucky Badger Fan.

Stacy Corona: Madison, WI

About me: I started running in January of 2007, and now I absolutely love it. This summer, I was very fortunate to be able to run in 3 marathons: the San Diego Rock and Roll, Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, and the San Francisco Marathon. They were all wonderful for different reasons. Running forces me to find some time for myself, which isn't always easy to do. I have 3 kids, ages 8, 4 and 21 months. I also teach Spanish at Edgewood College. I'm looking forward to running the Chicago Marathon this October, and hopefully, to keep on running until I'm 90!

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: 1/2 slice of toast with PB, and 1/2 bananaFavorite Race: San Francisco Marathon & Grandma's Marathon (tie!)Favorite Training Run: Wednesday 6:00 am at the Shell in the winter

Sonja Kraft: Cottage Grove, WI

About me: ultimate running goal is to run a half marathon this September. I have raced numerous 5K, a 10K, two triathlons, mud runs (doing tough mudder this Sept) and am looking to ramp up my workouts and fitness level

Current Shoe: Mizuno Favorite Pre-Race Meal: Chicken or SalmonFavorite Race: So far warrior dash has been my favorite race.Favorite Training Run: I really like trail runs, and long slow runs. helps me clear my mind.

Stephanie ThauMadison, WI

About me: I am a first year pharmacy student, and new to Madison. I love to cook and be outside, doing anything active. I also enjoy playing with my dog and taking her for walks. Running wise, I ran all through high school and at my undergraduate institution. I run half marathons pretty frequently, but I just completed my first marathon and absolutely loved it. I really enjoy running with other people, but none of my friends enjoy running, so I figured I would try and join a group!Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: deep dish pizzaFavorite Race: Chicago MarathonFavorite Training Run: long run


Steve Horn: Madison, WI

About me: I am a Kenosha, Wisconsin native now attending UW-Madison, majoring in Political Science, Journalism, and Legal Studies. I ran track and cross country for Tremper High School and although I spent the bulk of my time there injured or recovering from injuries, the lessons that taught me about perserverance and never giving up made up for the dissapointment of not having much success as a high school runner. When I wasn't injured, I managed to run 17:22 for 5k, 2:03 for 800 meters, and 4:50 in the mile. Nothing special, but not terrible either. I then spent my first year of college at Carthage College, living my dream as a collegiate athlete. With an injury-free cross country season, I ran an all-time best 5k en-route to an 8k PR (17:00 5k, 27:30 8k). I then proceeded to get injured once again, after being in the shape of my life early in track, running a 4:43 indoor mile, 9:35 indoor 3k, and 16:47 indoor 5k. It took about a month of recovery, but I made it back, in far worse shape, but still ready to run fast. I didn't improve much, though... 16:35 is what I topped out at for 5k. Once I made the transfer to UW-Madison, I decided thatI was sick and tired of cross country; I wanted to run a marathon. So, I made my debut at Grand Rapids, running a 2:50:43. Not bad for not preparing for it and not even signing up to do it until about a week and a half prior to it taking place. I intended to just pace for a 3:10 Boston Qualifier, but then just said...screw it, I'm going to actually run. And that brings me today. I am now training for Boston, hoping to run in the mid-2:40s and run a few good races in between. I plan on doing many more marathong in the years to come, as the race suits me well and I enjoyed racing it more than any other race I've ever done.

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Powerbar and GatoradeFavorite Race: The marathonFavorite Training Run: Long run

Steven Smith: Sun Prairie, WI

About me: I am entering my 4th year of running and I have enjoyed every minute of it. In 2011 I ran my first marathon the Cellcom Green Bay marathon and I am currently in the very early staged of getting ready for the Bank of America Chicago marathon in October of 2012. My favorite distance is probably the half marathon. One of the things I have started doing is pacing other runners in the half marathon. I enjoy giving something back to the running community and it’s a great way to help people achieve their goals. I hope to pace three half marathons this year.

Current Shoe: SauconyFavorite Pre-Race Meal:1/2 Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a bananaFavorite Race: Madison Mini-marathonFavorite Training Run:Long runs

Tamara Sunbul: Verona, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: Nike VomeroFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Soup & SaladFavorite Race: 5KFavorite Training Run: Long run

Taryn Silber: Madison, WI

About me: Have ran 4 half marathons. Senior at UW-Madison. Looking into running the TC Marathon in 2012.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: PB&J or authentic Italian pizza or pancakesFavorite Race: TC 10 MileFavorite Training Run: 6-7 miles at whatever pace I like.


Terri Gabriel: Madison, WI

About me: I started running again after a long hiatus due to minor, but painful injuries. I hope to finish a 5K and 10K before the end of 2008.

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta or pizzaFavorite Race: Berkeley Diploma DashFavorite Training Run: LSD (you know what I mean...)

Terri Tessmann: Racine, WI

Current Shoe: Addias brevardFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Peanut Butter torilla wrapped around a banana half.Favorite Race: Alex Devinney Run for Eating Disorder EducationFavorite Training Run: A distance trail run


Tessa Porter: Madison, WI

About me: I've fallen in and out of the rhythm of running in the past few years from running a half marathon a year ago then to just doing a 5K every month now to running...when I feel like it. Being new in town, I'd like to get back into the rhythm of a more consistent workout. My first half marathon was not the greatest of experiences so I'd like to work up to try another one to see if gets any better.

Current Shoe: MizunoFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Naturally More PB on sprouted grain breadFavorite Training Run: Long run

Thomas Cunningham: Madison, WI

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Peanut Butter on a bagelFavorite Race: Tyranena Beer RunFavorite Training Run: Long runs on trails at a dog park with my black lab Sarah

Tiffany Virag: Madison, WI

About me: Looking for some new runner friends and to get back into a regular training routine

Current Shoe: BrooksFavorite Pre-Race Meal: bagelFavorite Race: Cresent CIty Classic 10k, New OrleansFavorite Training Run: track

Tim Allen: Waunakee, WI

About me: Just starting to run. I've always had a hard time running and have instead biked. With less time for long bike rides I realize running is the best way to get in shape and drop weight.

Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: NoneFavorite Race: NoneFavorite Training Run: Beginner


Tim Goers: Madison, WI

About me: It all started for me in the small northern Wisconsin town of Colfax

Current Shoe: Asics NimbusFavorite Pre-Race Meal: pastaFavorite Race: Paavo Nurmi relayFavorite Training Run: I just like to run

Tom Alesia: Madison, WI

About me: I'm running two marathons per year and assorted road races, usually in preparation for a marathon. In late September in Quad Cities, I'll run my 11th marathon. I'm trying to break the 3:30 mark and I've been close twice. At 42, I've been lucky to stay injury free for several years and I enjoy my 4 or 5 runs each week.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Crackers without saltFavorite Race: Waunafest 10 MileFavorite Training Run: Long run

Tom Hawes: Belleville, WI

About me:

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Turkey sandwichFavorite Race: Belleville UFO Festival 10KFavorite Training Run: Long runs

Tom Lillge: Mosinee, WI

About me: Run Mostly for fun. I do enter occasional 5k-10k races. I have finished first in my "age bracket" (Over 50 yrs) in several races. My best overall run was 11th overall out of 468 runners in the Wausau 5k in May 2010.

Current Shoe: AdidasFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Sour Dough rollsFavorite Race: Wausau Komen Race for a CureFavorite Training Run: Love to go for 5-6 miles runs after work to relax

Tom Swingen: Fon du Lac, WI

About me: Enjoy running trails, and road with some racing, not fast but still finish. At 62 its just great to be out running and biking!

Current Shoe: Saucony, Vibrams FiveFingers, NB trail and Chuck'sFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Bagel, banana, yogurt and coffee black.Favorite Race: Ice Age 50kFavorite Training Run: Any run on a trail covers it all.

Travis Schmaltz: Lake Mills, WI

Current Shoe: Saucony GuideFavorite Pre-Race Meal: OatmealFavorite Race: Crazylegs ClassicFavorite Training Run: 8 mile tempo run

Tisha Brown: Madison, WI

About me: I've only been running for a little over a year. I completed the Madison Half-Marathon this past Spring. It was a very empowering experience and I've been enjoying adding one to two runs per week to my normal work-out schedule. I'm planning to run my first marathon next Spring and am looking for a community of runners to encourage and support that goal. I live in the Crestwood Neighborhood and enjoy gardening and fixing up our home. I've been the pastor of Community of Hope, UCC on Old Sauk Rd for almost 6 years now. I look forward to joining the team.

Current Shoe: NikeFavorite Pre-Race Meal: soy milk, banana, protein drinkFavorite Training Run: I just run.

Tracey Ziegler: West Madison

About me: I am just getting started with running and have a goal to run Crazylegs and the half marathon in May. My biggest concern is that I sprained my left MCL last spring playing soccer. I've never had an injury that kept me from doing what I wanted before. It is doing well, but I"ll want to be sure not to re-injure it.

Current Shoe: New BalanceFavorite Pre-Race Meal: unknown - that's what I want to learn aboutFavorite Race: no experienceFavorite Training Run: just starting

Travis Reinhart: Madison, WI

About me: 100k dauthalon are my favorite events. Biking and running the Ragner running series have done in the past. many trail runs Indian and Devils lake. Running the capital and capital city trail and bike from green bay running the ragner intervals. Planning on moving to Hawaii in the next few years and take on heavy swimming training. EVentaully finish school in sports psychology work that and a foundation running events.

Current Shoe: Macbeth and barefoot runnerFavorite Pre-Race Meal: carrots, pita bread, and almond milkFavorite Race: any trail runFavorite Training Run: Intervals

Vicki Gutierrez: Madison, WI

Current Shoe: Pearl IzumiFavorite Pre-Race Meal: spaghettiFavorite Race: IM WisconsinFavorite Training Run: long runs around Lake Monona

Zach Brazeau: Madison, WI

About me: I have been running to reduce my weight for the past 2 years and have lost 90 pounds. Now I am running to improve race times and overall health. I enjoy both short runs and runs up to 20 miles are my furthest. I will be taking part in the Whitewater sprint distance Tri September 28th, and one day hope to complete an Ironman.

Current Shoe: WhateverFavorite Pre-Race Meal: Oranges, bananas or scrambled eggs with veggiesFavorite Race: 10KFavorite Training Run: 7 to 7.5 mph for 10 to 13 miles with the last half mile at 8.5 or higher


Zeb Breuckman: Madison, WI

About me: In the past few years I've been an active triathlete, completing 7 triathlons including Ironman Wisconsin, the Spirit of Racine Half, and the Collegiate National Championships. Lately I have taken more of an intrest in trail running. Last year I completed my first Ultramarathon, a 50 mile race along Lake Superior's North shore. Someday I hope to complete the Western States 100 mile endurance run.

Current Shoe: AsicsFavorite Pre-Race Meal: SpaghettiFavorite Race: Deadwood Trail MarathonFavorite Training Run: Long runs in scenic places