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Madison B-CycleThe Madison community is an amazing place to live. Everywhere we look, we find opportunities to embrace an active lifestyle, and the Madison B-Cycle program is one of our new favorites. Whether you use it as an efficient and cost-effective commuting solution, a fun transportation option for occasional trips, or just a great way to add some active zip to your daily grind, we think you will appreciate all that B-Cycle has to offer.

Grab 'n' Go

Madison B-Cycle stationThe most basic way to use B-Cycle. Grab a bike from any of the 32 stations around the Isthmus. Your 24-hour pass is $5 and allows you to make unlimited trips of 30 minutes or less, cycling from one station to another. Trips up to one hour are just an additional $2. Want to ride around all day? Just make sure you check in at a B-Cycle station every 30 minutes, and you only pay $5!

Make it a Membership

For regular B-Cycle riders, this is the way to go. Your $65 annual membership gives you a full year of unlimited rides of 30 minutes or less, with the same $2 charge for trips of 31-60 minutes.

Berkeley Discount

Use code BERKELEYMAD15 to get $15 off your annual membership!

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A true B-Cycle story...

Madison B-Cycle near the state capital buildingOur friend and Berkeley customer, Bill Richards, offers his personal experience with B-Cycle:

When I first heard of B-Cycle last year, I had no interest in signing up as I already owned a bike and road it frequently around town. I begrudgingly bought my membership due to peer pressure. After a spring/summer/fall of cruising around on the La-Z Boy of bikes, I am an ardent supporter.I fell in love with B-Cycle after Crazy Legs last year. I shed my throw-away layer after mile 1. I was wet, freezing, half-naked and exhausted. Camp Randall was a mile and a half from my apartment, but I was only steps away from a B-Cycle station. Before I knew it, I was docking my B-Cycle at MLK and walking into my apartment.

B-Cycle is great for:

  • Planned, one-way runs that end at a B-Cycle stand. Bike back home in style.
  • People that live in the suburbs and visit downtown. It’s like having a bike by all the hot spots.
  • When friends visit as a spare bike downtown.
  • Downtown athletes that only have an expensive high-end racing bike.
  • I also use the B-Cycle for bad-weather biking. No more taking you own bike out in the rain!